Cat With a Chat

International Cat Day!

Hello! It’s Zelda! Happy Cat Day!! You see, this is a day all about US CATS. The day to get extra food, jump on the table, and you follow our orders. It’s like a big birthday. You may be wondering about why we haven’t been writing a blog. Well… because we’ve been sleeping, eating, arc. Well…




-LEB, age 11 now

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I Stole Christmas

It is me soft paws and I stole Christmas. Here’s how I did it. So I snuck under the tree
when I made sure that the presents were gone my face was like this.

Caption: #You’reameanoneMrGrinch

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Hide and Seek


Hi! It’s me, Soft Paws. Be sure to be quiet because I’m playing Hide and Seek with Zelda.

I don’t see her so I’m just going to stretch,

Oops! My legs flew out!

Just act casual.


I don’t remember what I’m doing but I’ll take a nap.

Hi, it’s Zelda! have you seen Soft Paws? We’re playing hide and seek……


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Easter Kitty


Hi! It’s me, Zelda! I got my Easter picture and it is cute but you should hear my speech. Well, here goes nothin’!

It iz meow, the Easter season! Da cute kitties in baskets and da evil dogs in sweaters. It also means the two legged things (humans) dress up and get oval eggy things wit sum sweet goodness! It also means attacking a big fluffy white tiny Easter bunny. Tank you vewy much.


Well, how did you like it? Happy Easter, love you!


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Did you guess?

If you guessed “catalog” you’re right!

Get it? Cat-uh-log???

See you next time 🙂

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Sneak Peek


Hi! It’s me, Soft Paws! ‘Member?

I am getting a sneak peek at my present.

Guess what it is!

I’ll tell you next time. Oh, and, hey,

here is a puzzle for you to figure out the present!

Comment on what you came up with 🙂

Cat + uh + log = ?

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If You Give a Cat a Ball of Yarn

by LEB, age 8

Kitty Soft Paws here! Our Human, LEB, wrote and illustrated a book for her 3rd grade reading class. I think it’s about us 🙂

If you give a cat a ball of yarn, she will ask for you to roll it around.


Crafty Kitty

After you roll it around a while she will want some kitty kibble.



After you give her the kitty kibble she will want to take a nap on your lap.


After she takes a nap on your lap she’ll want to play a game of catch the mouse!



After she plays a game of catch the mouse she will ask for……………….

a ball of yarn!


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Oh, Hi!

I’m on towel duty this week 😦

I hate doing towels so I decided to hire housekeeping!

But they never come 😦

So I took a nap!

The end.

PS the answer from last time is “A bad cook”

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Oh, hello. I have a “question” for you (he he he)

What is a cat with no wiskers?

A) A bad cook

B) Unsensable

C) Cranky

Please guess on a comment! You will find out the answer next time.

Good bye 🙂




Super Kitty Laser Eyes 2

(Soft Paws) I have a new ability and it is called Super Kitty Laser Eyes!

So that means that I can super blast anything!

Well, see you later.

(slow explosion sounds)

(slow explosion sounds)

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